Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ran Online Guide: Skill Point Helper Quests

The Skill Point Helper Quests were introduced as part of Ran Online Episode 3 to help bridge some of the skill point shortages. The Skill Point Helper NPC is found at the start of each campus. There are a total of 11 quests you can take with a reward of 2 skill points each. That means you can get up to 22 extra skill points upon completion. The quests are sequential in that you can only receive the next after you finish the previous one. All the quests require that you kill 3 of a particular mob within 1 hour without dying. If you fail either of these conditions, you will have to retake the quest.

  1. Level 5   Req: Eliminate Boss - Chief Hooligan
    [Eliminate 3 Chief Hooligan]
  2. Level 10 Req: Eliminate Boss - Bandit Leader
    [Eliminate 3 Bandit Leader]
  3. Level 15 Req: Eliminate Boss - Notorious Junkie
    [Eliminate 3 Notorious Junkie] 
  4. Level 25 Req: Eliminate Boss - Brute Mauler
    [Eliminate 3 Brute Mauler]
  5. Level 20 Req: Eliminate Boss - Master Fencer
    [Eliminate 3 Master Fencer]
  6. Level 30 Req: Eliminate Boss - Bruiser
    [Eliminate 3 Bruiser]   
  7. Level 35 Req: Eliminate Boss - Furious Chef
    [Eliminate 3 Furious Chef]
  8. Level 40 Req: Eliminate Boss - Welding Master
    [Eliminate 3 Welding Master]
  9. Level 45 Req: Eliminate Boss - Obasan
    [Eliminate 3 Obasan]
  10. Level 50 Req: Eliminate Boss - Sanitizer Master
    [Eliminate 3 Sanitizer Master]
  11. Level 55 Req: Eliminate Boss - Blood Robber
    [Eliminate 3 Blood Robber]

  1. Chief Hooligan - One spawn per campus every ~55 mins near beginning of campus
    [Destiny Box : Hooligans and Little Hooligans]
  2. Bandit Leader -  One spawn per campus every ~55 mins
    [Destiny Box : Bandits and Little Bandits]
  3. Notorious Junkie - One spawn per campus every ~55 mins usually near Street Junkies
    [Destiny Box : Brute Punk]
  4. Brute Mauler - One spawn per campus every ~55 mins usually near Jr. Bruisers
    [Destiny Box : Street Junkie]
  5. Master Fencer - One spawn per campus every ~55 mins usually near Fencing Students
    [Destiny Box : Gangster and Slugger]
  6. Bruiser - One spawn per campus every ~55 mins usually near Jr. Bruisers
    [Destiny Box : Jr. Bruiser and Brawler]
  7. Furious Chief - One spawn in Mystic Peak Hole and Phoenix Hole every ~6 mins near Fiery Chefs
    [Destiny Box : Fiery Chef]
  8. Welding Master - One spawn per campus every ~6 mins
    [Destiny Box : Blood Drinker, Swordie Ardee]
  9.  Obasan - One spawn per campus every ~6mins
    [Destiny Box : Auntie]
  10. Sanitizer Master - One spawn per campus every ~6 mins near Sanitizers
    [Destiny Box : Sanitizer]
  11. Blood Robber - One spawn per campus every ~6 mins near Blood Hunters/Hungers
    [Destiny Box : Blood Hunger, Blood Hunter, Stray Dog]
Take the quest during off-peak hours when the least amount of players will be online.
-  Before taking a quest, try to spot the monster that you are looking for so that you only have to find 2 more.
- It helps to have a friend (especially a shaman with turbo) to help you search or to kill.
- This quest is much easier to do at higher levels when you have more AOE or ranged skills.
- Sometimes it is faster to just change campuses to search for the mobs that respawn slowly.
- For the mobs that respawn every few minutes, just wait by the mob to kill it.
- Don't be afraid to use Campus Return Cards.


  1. thanks for the info it really helps me !! ^_^

  2. thanks a lot...but anyone here cud help me where can i find the spawning spot of a bruiser? does it really have a spawning spot or cud just be found only in destiny boxes? co'z i'm having a hard time finishing this quest...bruisers... i need your responce asap... thanks...


    1. in the sports field mp campus

  3. Bruisers are usually around the sports field in Sacred Gate or near the bruisers and around the upper part of campus at Phoenix.

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  5. Where can i find Welder Master?

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  7. brute mauler what i hit monster?

  8. Salamat tapos na lahat Thx GM

  9. Come on. Naka 800 mobs na ako wala parin lumalabas na Chief hooligan. Ugh.

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  11. i cant find master fencer plz help me!

    1. sa sg doon sa fencer student, mga 1 hour lumabas sa destiny box.

  12. These people are too stupid to think!!
    Hey! In just one hr I finished 3 bosses!!
    Chief hooligan/Bandit leader/Fencing master!
    All you have to do is look for a box that contains a boss! then if the boss appears, kill it and then move to another channels then look for another box. We have 3 channels there's 0, 1 & 2. it's easy man! no need to crack your head! come on mark_raymundo95 dude!! 800? you got to be kidding me!! shot the hell up!! don't be too stupid! think!! whew!!

    1. "Shot the hell up?" baka po Shut the hell up yung ibig niyo sabihin. Tinama ko lang, kasi kagaya mo may mga taong nagkakamali din. Hindi lang nila alam. Kung wala kang magandang sasabihin, manahimik ka nalang. You're a waste of scrolling time.

  13. not all servers have 3 channels lol some has 2 channels only, think before you POST tahaha

  14. san po qang spot ng master fencer?

  15. san ang spot po ng master fencer?

  16. where can I find obasan??? be specific in giving a location...plssssssssssss

  17. What? Is that All?!!! Blood Robber is the Last? But there are still so many bosses around like Joker from the clown and bomber clown; jackson Leader from the jackson; guard captain from the SGD's... pls.. add more skill quest!!! thanks!!!

  18. It's difficult to find if always ur late to kill the boss^_^.

  19. tnx gm tpos ko na skill point quest wala nb iba skill point quest

  20. i am having a hard time in finding Chief holigan. damn i hate it

  21. pinakamahirap sa master fencer T_T

  22. i dearly suggest to put the exact location and so thus the school but it aids ne so much ....
    thanks GOD i finished the elongative quest

  23. Pag Chief Holigan, Bandit Leader, Notorious Junkie and Master Fencer hunt nyu punta kayo MP school Master Fencer malapit yun dun sa papasok ng PY wag na kayong mag kill ng mga moobs hanapin nyu dun kasi kusa nalng nag rerespawn yun at pag Brute Mauler at Bruiser hunt nyu dun sa SG school dun sa Gilid ng Football field at yung ibang Boss makikita nyu yan sa Phoenix hole basta pag may nakita kayong Boss lipat ng ibang channel agad after kill

    Hope this will help you ^^ ask me again if you have a question ^^

  24. where can i find furious chef?, who can help me as part of this online gamer, as a member of ranatics can you give me a simple clue what,when,where can i find furious chef.. ty!!!!!!!tc...

  25. paano ko po makukuha ung pang 12 na uqest sa new quest helper at pati narin ung iba? plss help me

  26. natapos ko na po lahat ng 11 quest sa new quest helper, paano ko po makukuha ung ibang quest ng skill point dun, plss i need help.

  27. san po ba mahanap ang welding master ang hrap naman wala naman sa sordie at blood drinker pati din sa welder hinahanap ko dun wala -_-

  28. san bah yung ibang skill points na malalaki
    makukuha guyzzz what or npc in ranonlone
    please answer me !!!

  29. this is [GM]>>>>Aizel from server godranz

    that`s problem is so hard to fixed when
    i play ran my all skill is lvl 7
    then i quest skill points it`s so crazy bitch
    whahaha =D bat goodlike enjoy ranatics

  30. mahirap nmn ung quest s chief holigan ee evert 55 mins ang respawn..

  31. waahahha!!! itatry k0 ito!!! salamat sa nag post ng location!!!! your the man yeah!!!


  33. There's a respawn location of a brute mauler in MP school. Specifically in the Left Mystic Park Area. Near the stairs and Slugger Mobs.


  35. thanks to this guide natapos ko agad ung quest.. :)

  36. Counted ba yung mga bandit leader, blood robber welding master. dun sa suryun event ?